| tell me one thing about yourself…

it’s a request seeking a reaction and it’s interesting to see what answers emerge…

tim garrett
- i love the smell of old books
samantha stern - i play tennis
alissa kelman - i love chocolate
nick mendez - in 2040 i will run for president
travis caplan - i’m a bass player
sarah fox - i have a dog named george
lina galindo - i’m a lefty
kristen schechter - i’m awesome
yelena poklad - i am ever-growing
yoad barok - i’m too social
victoria streusand - i’m random
alla kaplan - i played ice hokey and thought i was going to the olympics for the longest time
adam klasfels - i’m a handsome son of a bitch!
jordan arndts - i’m eating a cheese sandwich
mallory zwerdling - i’m a really nice person but my red hair makes me feisty
rebecca weiss - sometimes i wish i was a stripper so i could make a lot of money dancing
david miller - i like green
paul currie - my positivity is directly proportional to the amount of sunshine
jaclyn trainman - i make mosaics
david amir - i love the desert
larry fried - i’m not a big fan of rushing myself
jon miller - i live in a 305 year-old house
jo grubman - i avoided the monkey lab at university because my dad was attacked by monkeys
doran erez - i’m smoking a cigar right now
josh till - i smoke
marion bernstein - i grew up in a haunted house built in 1854
david perlman - i like family values
sam nurik - i’m a jew
sara levine - i like pink
julie rothman - i’ve been to every state but six
lindsay miller - i am very good at rockbank
meytal ozeri - i believe in smiles
camila galindo - i love sea turtles
rachel siman-tov - i’m fucking awesome, man - don’t get it twisted!
danielle aiken - my favorite color is yellow
nadav ben-gal - pure awesome is my middle name
maoz yeffet - the way i treat my life is that nothing is too important
alon vittenberg - jerusalmi: i am of jerusalem
joe fried - i’m gassy
yarden elias - i have a tattoo of a chile because i lived with, served with , volunteered with a group of people - we called ourselves charit which means spicy
amir joffe - i AM israel
shlomi yehiav - i play the trumpet and like tanned girls
sam wechis - i like to play soccer
ori shternfeld - i really like music
runel yeshayahu - i’m getting out of the army in 2 weeks
neil lazarus - i am a father of twins
katie levine - i am completely obsessed with rogue waves
sharry lapp - i’m happy that you came
morag charlton - morag is very stubborn - like a mule
kat tsavaris - i’m really REALLY good at scrabble, text twist, checkers and backgammon: FIGHT ME!
jen traditi - i have really big feet
brandon smith - i like lacrosse
felisa fine - i used to be 200 pounds
jen desposito - i’m raising my sister’s child
ammar ahmed - i’ve very confused at the moment
sebastian carro - i study architecture
nazish jonathan - i’m an aries
aadil ilyas - i love to drive. seriously.
christie jerou - my favorite color is tiffany blue
jacqui klugman - i have shitake mushrooms
chris garrecht-williams - i’m from new york city
cynthia power - i like to wear mens shirts
mart mcloughlin - i think about food too much
teddy hueckle - i love chemistry (sarcasm)
brian antono - i’m asian
frank fanizza - i wanna go to california for grad school
karl erickson - i am 6 foot 1
maya taylor - i like coffee
melissa shah - i really do feel that i have the capacity to change the world
rohan rao - i can’t describe myself in one statement
atesh khaki-sadigh - i sing while i walk down the street and people look at me like i’m crazy
naka nanayakkara - i teach SATs and like puzzles
shannon fleming - i play the oboe
harleen gill - i love to laugh
alex newman - i’ve known you for four years and my finger’s fucked up
diane kim - i’m from guam
camille burkett - i sometimes view my life as a movie
luca maggioni - i’m a phd student at the university of florence, studying politics, and am a candidate to become mayor of my town
claudia maggioni - i’m a medical student who wants to become an oncologist
jose barbosa - i am puerto rican
amy paskal - i’ve a very passionate person
lauren yuill - i love my friends
caroline jonsson i love to run
vincent luong - i identify a lot with vanuatu
alex ortega - i love science fiction
ellen mccormick - i’m a sister
elena arnstein - i’m an artist
yannyck k - i’m an artist, a choreographer, a dancer and my really name is chaka chocolate
mark a - i’m in a happy mood
callie hintzen - i’m really grumpy when i wake up in the morning - like vicious
patsy detweiler - i’m an artist
alissa martarano - i’m a hard worker
sabrina juran - i got no patience
jeff andrews - i work at a pizzeria
frank loiacono - i like to laugh
jesse oney - i’m from alaska
jay epelman - i play the trumpet
jess bart - i’m happy
kevin conn - i love the legend of zelda
jaime poynter - i’m a virgo - very clearly
edrees arzomand - i’m curious
justine davies - i like music
anay thodge - i’m a canadian citizen
nick ela - i hate journalists
muntazim mukit - i love noodles
francheska jimenez - i know three languages | yo see tres linguas | io sol tre linguas
dan burns - i was born in new york
amanda antono - my favorite color is orange
colby pines - i like to run… i’m a runner
tom savarese - i like to run marathons
amna ahmed - i’m very random
jen arab - i’m a gemini
sanet steyn - i hate pizza
bob press - i’m gonna be a doctor
michael glass - when i was in high school i was credited in a nerdy video game
michael gerci - i play the steel drums
catherine erickson - i’m really self-conscious
megan moll - i am short
willie currie - i’m a frog
erin calabria - i play the irish whistle
tim mitchell - i’m going to be president in 2016
jonathan o - i’m a vegetarian
caitlin o - i’m also vegetarian
scott surge - i’m from minnesota
william thompson - i’m a triathlete
marsha jellelf - i’m bold
ro rabanillo - i’m filipino
sylvan merendini - i just moved here from california
patrick troutman - i’ve never jerked off in the shower
ming fearon - i can scoop with both hands
kristen clark - i am a secret neuroscience geek
julian ginsberg - i like now and laters (candy)
tyson schoelzel - i love the color green
jason walter - i play violin
jess margulies - i really like bubble tea
elizabeth dunlap - i doodle a lot
alexander loren fathalla - i’m audacious
john van wick - ever since i was a kid, i’ve listened to music more than any of my friends
denis straight - i’m traveling 15 months and still looking forward to home
gill kirsch - i was captain of my field hockey team in high school
sarah hofnann - i can dance
brandon close - my nickname is “forest gump”
jen gaines - i like to work out
ryan kovacs - i’ve been living in holland for the last year though my home is sydney, australia
zack lafontant - i love music
angel labron - i draw; that’s it!
luis ahumada - i am a curious individual - i like to understand how and why things work and break them down into pieces
katherine meredith - i’m the best parallel parker you’ve ever met - if there were an olympic medal for it, i would take the gold
stephanie fay - i’m not looking forward to being a lawyer
carlo simula - i would like to become a famous singer
emilie peters - freedom, imagination and creativity are my goal
sarah gollnast - i am honest, trustful, direct
liam dodd - i taught english in china for half a year and it was the most diverse time of my life
liliana saplontai - i speak five languages
harald grief - i am an african
kathleen sanders - i have four children
tamara sanders - i manage a bike shop and haven’t driven a car for six years
tyler bell - i was named after a water fountain
joana bell - i’m from angola
ivan gorelev - i sold my soul for rock and roll
voga alexandrov - i’m from kazakhstan
alexey checkmarev - i play beerpong
ildal khaliulin - i like sleep
marie schwaegermann - i’m afraid of big dogs - like higher than my knee
noni henin - i have big boobs
nayara carvalho - i am very creative
eleni gazotis - i like to name my possessions
dru diamond - i’m very spontaneous
alison hornstein - when i was 8, i fell 20 feet and cracked my head open
anna ostertag - i’m a typical german girl
carmen bogler - i’m a gunny girl
marie helena - the best thing ever in my life is traveling
david ryan - i broke my neck diving into a shallow pool - i was lucky i didn’t paralyze myself
melissa h - i love watching random performance art in new york with complete strangers while eating chocolate
john stewart - i suppose i’m a traveler
jess stewart - i’m a gyppo but i’m broke the nine months of the year i’m not traveling
katharine meredith - i like to understand how and why things work
jacqueline harding - i’m a canadian living in boston
anna tesar - new york is my dream city… after paris… and i’ve done paris
samantha roberts - i’m a very difficult person
paul vega - pistacho
odalis garcia - i love to dance
ana falgado - i’m a curious person
alyssia george - you know my favorite thing to see is the sunset - forget the sunrise - not as good
amanda williams - i love to travel for music festivals
mike covert - i live each day like it’s my last
gracie oliver - all the muck that i went through is fully justified now i’m in new york
helen skirchak - i like monkeys
dana burkett - my outlook on life is through rose-colored glasses
manny rives - i’m 29
billy vongsouvanh - i make music - i rap
brian s - everyone’s looking for a way to make their mark; i’m just looking for a pen
lisa joo - i’ve never watched titanic
brandon bae - i prefer quality over quantity
erica kopcznski - i’m very strong
malaika davis - i love hard
nodal dawahra-rosario - i love life
jan klinedinst - i’m an archaeologist and paranormal investigator
abel dewitt - i’m very good looking
alice anderson - i work at whole foods
steven stafford - i’m a good guy
julie woodruff - i’m in love with the natural world
jesse oney
- apparently my greatest character strength is to love and be loved
anna tedeschi - i’m a redhead
thez beukes - i’m hella good at theatre
leandri fourie - i love music
izane neethling - i love my children too much
france de kock - i’m the king of my castle… or at least i think i’m the king of my castle
barbara klugman - i’m supremely enthusiastic
venice van vreckem - i’m belgian
jan de wit - i’m 23
christina gossmann - i have a joburg tattoo on my foot
dennis pflugmacher - i’m very very curious
julie anders - i’m freckled
julia pandolfi - i think too much of other people sometimes
danny dreischhoff
- i play the guitar and want to be famous
carl wittenberg - i like buddha
don won - i try to be harmonious
suzie ahammer - i love to be outside
dalad pruithithaba - sometimes i get bored of myself
shane bakewell - i’m still finding myself
denise fuerst - i love to do new things
adam mullinger - i work here [deejai backpackers]
jasper van leeuwen - i always wear blue shirts
timo zink - i take it as it comes
kristal harvey - i live a crazy life and i don’t know what’s coming next
amanda carroll - i’m a philosopher
dilip pithwa - i believe in god
yatrik pithwa - i love long drives
rekha pithwa - i like islands (and am always eager to talk to travelers)
sara caldwell - i’m married
natalie paden - observant
margie dinaguit - i like to write
chia chai har - i’m malasian
prikash - i like camels
delboy - ware the desert
joka - chai good
jo reynolds - i was born in south africa
millicent bamford - it’s my birthday on monday
katie sugarman - i’m an adventure-holic
paola tomasi - i have a boy named michaelangelo - i hoped for an artist but he’s not a good painter - he’s a better mathematician
laura bianchi - i think i’m going to smoke in the toilet
dan kepner - i consider myself more of an explorer than a tourist
vikesh kumash singh - today i had an exam after traveling on the train for three days
shin eun gyeong - i do dream hope
brendan wright - i left my heart in melbourne
angus hall - my life revolves around chelsea football club
brook mathews - i’m president [in the card game we’re currently playing] - i’m still president
olivia tidman - i love eating
jenny hoang - i strive to be a citizen of the world
mallorie estenson - if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that i’m a fierce pragmatist
brad song - i’m taking a year to travel
sylvain decay - i’m a video designer
shash barnwah - i’m a student and want to become a chartered accountant/businessman
ann decay - i’m try to be always happy
nick patten - i’m alive and dead at the same time
priya a - i don’t dance: i have two left feet… i sway…
manisha gupte - i don’t like to hurt people
pradeep singh - i’m a hard worker
sanjay singh - i’m a good guy
swati ragni singh - i fell down a well
yvonne currie - i’m a noodle - my odometer has rolled over to ninety
ariane beaumont - i love eating chocolate while drinking tea
jayne beaumont - i paint pictures
zach smith - i’m incredibly good looking
meryl smith - i love being in the wilderness
wendy w - i like people - though i do have my moods...
togeda adams - i’m an alcoholic… and that’s true...
john farnum - my project is that i’ve been trying to write a poem a day - i’m about a week behind
caitlin reiach - i love volleyball
natalie smith - i am reading a book called he’s scared, she’s scared - it’s about commitment issues - incidentally i’m coming out of an engagement with a sudanese devout muslim man
pearl verwey - i just love my job, you know, making people happy, that’s me
cyprien pearson - i’m from california
rian renke - i love wine
erin szumsky - i love traveling
anne baarslag - i love travel too, and that’s it!
lean lucas - flight attendant
niek van ballegooij - i am enjoying life at this moment
kaeli grunfeld - drinking snowboarding nurse
jenna sukel - i’m about to have a cigarette; that sounds pretty good right now
celeste du plessis - i like wine; it’s a requirement of my job
melissa fourie - i hate those questions; i’m antisocial
nomfundo hlubi - i like underground hip hop
stephan dixon - i’m 1.87 meters tall
warren e - i’d be the buddha’s left hand man
max court - i want to live in all the brit countries
ross dwyer - i’m an englishman in cape town
tina cao - i like artsy stuff
marcelino apolles - i used to be an accountant but i’m ok now
deon roman - i wish i could drive formula 1
guy maingard - i play rugby at hamilton’s rugby club
owen wilson - i teach children how to skateboard
sophia magalona - i play golf
theresa h - i have a mom and dad
dave badun - i used to be an accountant - i really hated what i was doing, so i quit and am traveling
rakesh vithalani - i used to work with lions
tom bonavia - including south africa, i’ve now been in 49 countries, and botswana will be 50
taz jacobs - passionate
anthony worgan - i am motivated by self sustainability
misty read - i’m a bush monkey
sonja babiuc - full of energy
george dinginto - i smile a lot
ash dayal - i’m fucking mad
linus rudolf - i have a big penis
alissa aliassime - i love playing basketball
mohamed chaik - love travel
nicole buhner - sexy
rudy bazil - i’m funny
david chan - spongebob is one of my favorite cartoon characters
jana wessels - i like good food
tanzi nzalo - i love coffee shops
seneme mthembu - i love art
fred harper - i’m trying hard to stay fit
sean xue - i refuse to define myself in such a way - people put too much stock in these things
steff manzer - it’s easy to make me laugh
ricci riedel - i don’t like to be the big spoon
toby kuhn - i love soccer
camilla hopkinson - i hate the cold
becky arnheim - i’m scared of sharks
jack bruten - i still chase butterflies
ben southwood - i like math - numbers are an adventure!
amy mickiewicz - i like volleyball
annie goedhols - i’m batshit crazy!
sascha bauer - i love life
melanie graf - i’m active… hyperactive sometimes!
vicky woolfrey - i’m always slightly disoriented… that’s how i feel lately
dani bradford - i drink copious amounts of wine
john wilson - my favorite snack is peanut butter on toast
slim chaffai - heureux
virginie plante - souriante
david mayer - i’m more than one thing
serhad ovacikli - nietzsche, super human
chelsea vonmach - i am love
tara vonmach - i like the people i’m with now
david bock - i love lamp
kefhira pintos - i was born in miami florida
hannah wright - i love ballroom dancing
nick wyke - i can touch my tongue to my nose
lisa bongo - i’m very noisy
lilia kilburn - there’s just so many things - i woke up this morning covered in blue smurf hairs from a peruvian blanket and have been picking them off me all day
zee schilder - i’m insane
joshua chavez - i’m insane
mary ippoliti - i think too much
cam engel - i’m 183cm tall
anne hf - i’ve been a scout for 11 years!
stephan - i’m a a paraglider
christopher bammert
- people tell me i’m crazy
maureen ippoliti - i live to love myself
adriaan gouws - i love cars… fuck...
kezia mccay - i am love
anna shevel - just commit, the how will happen
danny davenport - i love scuba diving
sara wesson - i find it hard to get up in the morning if my bed is warm
qhubekani moyo - i love nature
patrick leckie - i was born in edinburgh
liz breslin - i try to live by this quote: “all things in moderation” - this is really tough when chocolate is involved
jan watt - i’m a twin
lee luddit - i live a free life
steve marks - fun love joy sun zambia
kate-louise mccay - my favorite colour is purple
janine martell - i have a very very loud sneeze - seriously, it would stop traffic in new york
jen schafer - i love waterfalls
julia taylor - when i was about 15 i sang happy birthday every day cause i knew it was someone’s birthday everyday
misha teasdale - one day i would like to build a tree house with my boys so we can live in it for a summer
josh ramsey - i’m all about doing! (… i think)
vanya vargek - i like food
sophie buckle - i’m a girl
bex tyers - my favorite animal is a zebra
breken schaller - i’m one feathered wing and one naked arm
robyn teasdale - i have grown a lot in the last year
kim lomba - i love children
cesca fleischer - i love people and traveling - i’m really bad at one thing!
patrick mccay - i’m abundant
shelley smith - i have a kittycat that i walk on a leash
toby muehlemann - i like to play guitar and train in shaolin kung fu
laura gangemi - i like fluffy stuff
helen rhymes - i like writing comedy sketches
leslie odendal - my favorite quote for the moment is ‘take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live’
lucy da costa - i love colour
viv connell - i love mountains
jacob harlow - i like to make people laugh
lauren o’donnell - i love coffee & people… & i loooooove trees… & singing in the shower… but i suppose i love people the most
steve micdema - i’m intersted in music and hiking and gardening
uncle benji - my grandfather taught me to live with people - i can mix with anyone from any nation, culture or language
mwaba musonda - i have passion for people and love to learn things
patrick west - photographer
kalea turner-beckman - my name means whooping cough in hawaiian cause my parents forgot the apostrophe
zama memela - i’m 20
bridgette o’donnell - i’m an artist
joff golembo - i like zambia
filippa harrington-griffin - my favorite thing about the swedish language is that we have words like ‘gokotta’ which means waking up at the hour when you can hear the birds sing; i try to do this every morning!
rory allen - i was allergic to water but i grew out of it
sara isaacs - i speak afrikaans very well
laura claessens - the best is yet to come
nathan heller - i surfed the national surf championships against jordi smith in 2001 - he was 13 and still kicked my ass!
caitlin fisher - i lived in the UAE for two and a half years
tom chevallier inquisitive
julia robertson - i’m currently free
rafael khiti - i feel free in a real way
maqsood ahmed - i’m lost
chelsea blandford - i have lived in more than 15 different houses
sam rhodes - i’m an underground actor
kelsey whitaker - rip it on the sousaphone pretty hard
drew meerveld - i too am trying to master control over my emotions; trying through many channels
kate van geemen - i want to have a pet - maybe a rabbit
gigi silk - i’ve never had a cup of coffee
hector sharp - i don’t like fake people
hannah hawkins - i write better than i talk - not in the aesthetic sense (my handwriting is ugly and childish) but in a sophistry sense. convinced?
katie sutton - i think mental health is the way forward (context is the key!)
harvey aughton - i have one dream in life and that’s to climb K2 - and i tell people so one day i have to do it!
alice pellerin - i dream to go to south africa
kaya barry - i’m drinking in a bar right now
meg davies - i really really like cheese and dairy products - i miss milk
anna marie muller - i’m very self critical
chris carter - chilled
mari botha - i have a hectic fear of the dark!
lauren locke - my middle name is elizabeth
tamzin adriaanse - i’m friendly
manie adams - i love sport
margie groenbloem - i like to laugh
christoph maas - i’m 28 and was born in a small town in germany - leppstadt
kate pasco - i live on a farm
joelle moncrieff - i’ve never been stung by a bee
virginia oeggerli - i love soccer
natascha charpentier - i’m a science teacher
jacob charpentier - i’m artistic
jihane benhammou - i’m algerian
kasey willoughby - i like to have fun
mary agiakatsikas - i’ve got brown hair... it used to be brown anyway.
joachim brurok - i’m skinny
morten norum - i’m a halfbreed
wawrick stowe - a am 21 years old
nadia raczkowski - i’m a gymnast
lucas ilowski - i’m polish
alexa goldberg - i’m gonna have a new neice for the first time in april - i just bought her an african dress
bar riese - i love dough
reshma banarse - i am happiest when underwater
ida hoejgaard - i love africa
mathieu ayenan - i’m proactive
natasha somji - i crave human connection