documented below are memories, travels, realizations and perfect moments. good things are to be found everywhere, so this list is quite extended.

i have a new page on travel philosophies, which i will be filling as time allows, but a quick note on language: i maintain that the only words you need to communicate in a different country are hello, how are you? and thank you. the rest of the language can rely on some inventive gestures and body language.

a thought for the journeyer: travel for the place, and you'll see the place; travel for the people and you'll see it all. be they buddies you travel with, friends you make en route, or locals sharing their world, make sure you are in good company! this lesson evolved over the years and can be seen in how my photos move from landscape to portrait. this page contains my photographic and interpersonal journey through the world. my favorite collections are currently muizenberg to simonstown, barcelona, puerto rico, ayutthaya and maumasaniya. simply click a medallion to explore…

buckle up - i welcome you down my memory lane.


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