moments - a photo a day

this website started in december 2011 as a travel concept: for the first time, i was traveling with a computer; this opened up many possibilities including a travel blog.

knowing myself, and foreseeing a lack of motivation to write, i promised to keep everyone updated by uploading a picture a day. this picture would be a sight or experience of that day.

i was very happy with the resulting photo journal and impressed with the result it had on my photography. (i was equally impressed by ironic amount that i did write - check out heading west). a friend had shown me a photo blog called a daily dose of imagery which was (and still is) a great source of inspiration (the layout of the photo pages is largely influenced by this straightforward site). everyday this toronto-based photographer (sam javanrouh) posted a photo of his city. this got my mind buzzing about the possibilities upon reaching cape town - what better way to discover a city’s secrets than to search it for photographs?

the project saw 396 days pass, filled with as many images, a few landscapes, numerous people, and plenty of experimentation. i have a portfolio to be proud of. start again at december 2011 or go backwards from december 2012. Then 2013 was a year of distractive study, so very few pictures (though one of my favorites). i did spare some time to sort through photos of some of my favorite places, in diversions. now i’m on the move again, so what better way to have some stability and reflection than to post some pictures?

what am i taking pictures of? the basic premise is that the pictures will capture something i see or do that day. it can be a plant, a person, a building, a scape, or an abstract muddle of light and shadow… i’m going to try and maintain this blog as a current expression of the everyday, so be warned: it ranges from the mundane to the spectacular.